Generic SHA-1 Auditor (GSAuditor) is an application that allows you to brute force password hashes derived from SHA-1. NOTE: GSAuditor is an "experimental" tool.

Current version of GSAuditor supports the following algorithms:

* RAW-SHA-1($password) - Mac OS 10.3 'Panther'
* SHA-1(UNICODE($password).$salt) - MS SQL 2000/2005 (2000 uses uppercase passwd!)
* SHA-1($password.$salt) - ORACLE 11g (the salt is currently 10 bytes)
* SHA-1($username.$password) - PHP
* SHA-1($salt.$password) - Mac OS 10.4 'Tiger'

The password for the is ""(Case-Sensitive). On using the password (and/or by downloading/viewing any file from you agree to the disclaimer listed there and on the "LEGAL" section of our site(

Credit: Kevin Devine.

GSAuditor is in early stages of development, so if you encounter any bugs or request additional features. Contact contact.fingers @ if you have any further questions.