Here, you could download and view the Aurora traffic to IE in Win 2003, Win XP and Win 7 .

This is the section where people can download futuristic PCAP releases and let us know if it is good/bad/ugly or if it had any info that shouldn't be there. Basically, this is BETA page for PCAPs.

PCAP Challenge, lists the various PCAPs that we have collected so far in the process. Some of these PCAPs never triggered Snort signatures and some of them did. There are no deadlines!!!

List of PCAP samples. The malicious list of PCAPs will later be mapped to the exploits, from which these PCAPs were gathered. Snort signatures that were triggered are included in the PCAP name.

List of PCAPs generated from milw0rm exploits. Currently, 270 PCAPs of Browser Exploits category.

PCAP Archives, gives the zipped version of all the PCAPs in EvilFingers.